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"It will be readily appreciated that in the course of many years and daily contact with bees, the professional bee-keeper will of necessity gain a knowledge and insight into the mysterious ways of the honeybee, usually denied to the scientist in the laboratory and the amateur in possession of a few colonies. Indeed, a limited practical experience will inevitably lead to views and conclusions, which are often completely at variance to the findings of a wide practical nature. The professional bee-keeper is at all times compelled to assess things realistically and to keep an open mind in regard to every problem he may be confronted with. He is also forced to base his methods of management on concrete results and must sharply differentiate between essentials and inessentials."

—Beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey, Brother Adam

Why I Created This WIKI!!!

I have added a few articles I have written, I suppose as time goes on and we discover more about TBH beekeeping and the dynamics of environment these articles will change or adjust. I would like to think of them as living documents. I have created this wiki as a place for everyone to record thier observations and experiment results so we can begin to look for the common threads. I think we will find common threads in the overall aspects of TBH beekeeping but I also think we will find sub threads that correspond with climate zones, breeds and who knows what else!

As always I keep an open mind and so should everyone contributing, add what you want and edit your stuff at will!
I will not change anyones work but I will look for the commonalities and point them out! To discuss the content of a particular page the "discuss" Function has been added use this like a regular threaded forum.

How You can Participate in This WIKI!!!

Go to the forum and record the data requested.
Write articles and create pages for them.
Use the discuss link at the bottom of any page and contribute to that article.
Make suggestions to make this a better information gathering site.

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